300-Space Parking OK'd

The East Bay Regional Park District board on Tuesday approved spending $1 million in the first phase of creating a 300-space parking lot at the trail head to the uber-popular Mission Peak in Fremont.

The vote passed 7-0. The next step is to allocate another $5.5 million to finish the project, which also would include bathrooms, picnic tables and landscaping improvements, hopefully to be completed by 2020, according to Bob Nisbet, assistant general park district manger.


Source: 300-Space Parking OK’d at Fremont’s Popular Mission Peak | NBC Bay Area http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/300-Space-Parking-Lot-Up-for-Vote-at-Fremonts-Popular-Mission-Peak-394140821.html#ixzz4NHXJjhIh
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Vargas Plateau Meeting

Well attended with an excellent and positive message from Jack W. Balch to work with EBRPD to allow walk in access on the lower Vargas Plateau gates (lower Morrison Canyon Road and Pickering Avenue gates).


No Funds for Enforcement

No funds to pay for enforcement. The wealthy neighbors receive free parking they don’t need. Our city staff get a 4% raise when they don’t follow the law and work against the public interest. Do you need to be a CPA to see that these actions don’t add up?